Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles :

Chartered Life Insurance Company Limited believes that ethical business practice provides the basis for the stability and sustainable growth of the company. The company has established standard processes and structures. Employee’s code of conduct, ethical business principles, etiquettes of responsible corporate citizen and value driven management and control mechanisms are evidence of that. The Code of Conduct is designed to guide the employees of the company to practice and comply with the prudential standards of conduct, manner and behavior. Company's Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives, Cultural Values etc. are duly reflected in the code of conduct. The ultimate objective is to enhance the ethical and transparent process in managing the affairs of the Company. The employees of the company should.

Adhere to the following ethical codes and principles:

  • Employees must be sincere and loyal to the Company.
  • Refrain from disclosing the confidential and sensitive information of the Company.
  • Employee behavior shall enrich the image, dignity and reputation of the Company.
  • Perform the duties efficiently and faithfully.
  • Protect the interest of policyholders and other stakeholders with utmost care and integrity.