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Credit Rating AA-

Alpha Credit Rating Limited has assigned the Long-Term Rating of Chartered Life Insurance Company Ltd as at AA- (pronounced as Double A minus) and the short-term rating at ST-2 on the basis of audited financials up to December 31,2022 along with other relevant quantitative and qualitative information. Chartered Life Insurance Company Ltd thanks to all valued stakeholders for making it happen. The company is upbeat about the further upswing of its rating in the future.


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Satisfied Clients

Insurance Award-2022

We are delighted and proud to announce that, Chartered Life Insurance has won the Insurance Asia Award 2022 for being "The Best Domestic Life Insurer of the Year - Bangladesh". A huge thanks to all of our wonderful team; without them, this would not have been possible. The Award is dedicated to all the members of Chartered Life Family.

International Finance Award-2022

Chartered Life has been achieved International Finance Award-2022 in Insurance category for being the "Fastest Growing Insurance Company, Bangladesh". We placed our sincere gratitude to all Policyholders and well-wishers. This biggest honor goes to the Team Chartered Life who supported the Company to attain its overwhelming success over the past few years.

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